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Mountain Bike Safari

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Cha Cha Metsi Okavango Delta boasts a diversity of habitats in our area. It has a mixture of wetland, mophane woodland, and open acacia savanna. The safari camp beams a diversity of game, including an abundance of giraffes, elephants, zebras, buffalo, hippo, and impalas, which are typical of the game drives you’ll experience at Cha Cha Metsi.

Mountain Bike Safaris

Our camp is situated amongst a beautiful plethora of fauna and flora. The island transports you into a wild, untouched realm of flourishing biodiversity. Our guides are trained specifically for the climate, keeping you safe and close at all times.

The bicycle safari gets you close to game, emersing you into tracking and spotting. The cycle meanders through our open grasslands, passed the rivers edge and through the animal crossing areas. You will get up and close to the wildlife we live amongst, and learn all about our camps surroundings and how we co-exist with it.

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