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Sable Valley

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The Vlei is home to robust populations of some of the world most endangered large mammals such as Cheetah, Wild Dog & Leopard. The natural habitats of the nominated area are diverse, with 1070 plant species which include about 255 trees and shrubs and over 202 grasses, 470 species of bird and 100 specials of mammal. The Dete Vlei plays a pivotal role of the conservation of wildlife. This pristine concession is co-managed and protected by Forestry Commission and The Amalinda Safari Collection’s Mother Africa Trust anti poaching unit.



Walking safaris from your game drive vehicle or from Sable Valley with one of our Professional resident Guides, either on our private concession or in The Hwange National Park. Explore the flora and fauna with the expertise of your guide and get up close to some of the big five on foot.

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