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Khulu Bush Camp

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Khulu Bush Camp is the smaller, more intimate sister lodge to its neighbouring Ivory Lodge. The excellent accessibility does not take away from its unparalleled feeling of seclusion and remoteness in the true African wilderness. Khulu Bush Camp is a tribute to Cedric Wilde, one of the Directors of the Amalinda Safari Collection, who it is named after. Khulu is the community and staff’s affectionate name for Cedric and it means ‘grandfather’. If you are lucky enough to be in camp with Khulu himself your evenings will be spent around the fire, talking of days gone by and strumming to old country tunes.
The beauty of this camp is that it combines luxurious and private accommodation with old world hospitality. Khulu overlooks an ancient riverbed, in today’s terms called a ‘vlei’, known to attract a variety of the greatest wildlife and bird life in Hwange National Park, right on your doorstep.



Early morning game drives set out at the crack of dawn with our licensed guides, both into the National Park and on our own 6000 acre concession. Mornings are usually productive, with plenty of hyena and wilddog as well as the other plains game. Afternoon and evening drives in the same areas leave at 3pm and return with spotting torch by night. Animals and birds seen in the afternoons are prolific with sometimes close encounters with the majestic Presidential Elephant Herd.

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