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Cha Cha Metsi Horse Back Safari

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Cha Cha Metsi Okavango Delta boasts a diversity of habitats in our area. It has a mixture of wetland, mophane woodland, and open acacia savanna. The safari camp beams a diversity of game, including an abundance of giraffes, elephants, zebras, buffalo, hippo, and impalas, which are typical of the game drives you’ll experience at Cha Cha Metsi.

Horse Back Safari

Uniquely, and in partnership with Ride Botswana, we offer horse back safaris to those who have experienced riding abilities. These form part of the partnership we have with Ride Botswana.
Recently declared a World Heritage site, the unique Okavango Delta is a horse rider’s Eden.

David and Robyn Foot have over 41 horses which are fit and responsive, specifically schooled and adapted to the Delta. A number of these are permanently stabled close to the lodge.

The horses range in breeds from sporty to thoroughbreds X to hardy Apaloosas and tough African boerperds as well as some lovely Shire X Fresian X and wonderfully tempered Botswana Kalahari ponies – Perfect for children.

Note: This is available to experienced riders only at additional prices.

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